About Gerry Humphrey

Welcome to the online home of Gerry Humphrey.

This site represents a clean canvas for me to start sharing various items about me, my ideas, my knowledge and things I think are cool or noteworthy.

This site will be evolving, and as with how all websites should be, it will never be “finished.”

Some of the companies I have worked with (either as an employee, contractor or contributor.. in no particular order): Datasoft, Atari, SEGA, Westlake Cyclery, Nintendo, Commodore, Amiga, Practical Peripherals, Newtek, AntlerVision, SBO Entertainment, Vivid Entertainment, VideoAge, NovaLogic, Haba/Arrays, KamaSutra, Tandy/RadioShack, and RADware among others.

I have also done websites via AntlerVision for the dub stage, Dubbing Brothers USA and Regal Dance Clubs as well as consulting for other people and businesses.

Some of the products I have worked with include NewTek’s DigiView and Video Toaster, Haba/Array’s Atari ST SCSI Hard Drive, Konami’s Pooyan and Nichibitsu’s Moon Shuttle (both for DataSoft) and hundreds more.

Here is a list (in no particular order) of other people named Gerry Humphrey that I have come across.

Here is a list of others with similar names that while not exactly the same, are signifigant enough to list here, again, in no particular order.

If you are named “Gerry Humphrey” or similar, please write to me to be considered for inclusion on this list.  Thanks for the idea by my friend, Don LaFontaine, one of the nicest guys you could have ever met.

I can be contacted via the following:

Gerry Humphrey
c/o AntlerVision
1500 W. El Camino Avenue #516
Sacramento, CA 95833
Phone/SMS: +1.916.436.1418
Fax: +1.413.751.4792
email: ghumphrey@gerryhumphrey.com