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Raley’s and NuVal™

Raley’s and NuVal™

The NuVal™ system allows you to quickly compare overall nutritional value of products to make it easy to compare choices.

From their site “The NuVal System does the nutritional heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Developed by an independent panel of nutrition and medical experts, the System helps you see – at a glance – the nutritional value of the food you buy.”

They have some interesting examples on their site, and it is rather easy to use the system to see differences, such as comparing a bottle of apple sauce at 4 NuVal points to an Apple with 98 NuVal points. Some are a lot closer like a Creamy Peanut Butter at 19 NuVal points and a Crunchy Peanut Butter at 20 NuVal points. Yet they are both higher than a Crunch Biscoff Spread (14 NuVal Points.)

Most people don’t read labels, and even in a grocery store, most people will not pick up a jar of PB and check and compare nutrition labels. So what is cool is that Raley’s actually has NuVal labels all over the place so when you are looking a a shelf full of jars of PB, you can see NuVal points to make a comparison quickly and easily (or at least show you options and get you thinking about it.) For my family, some like Crunchy and some like Creamy PB, so a 1 point difference isn’t going to make a big difference, but if we are considering other choices, it does help. For example, Crunchy Rice Cakes, there is a difference between the varieties that might sway you to a difference choice or at least open your eyes to a potentially better choice. Buttered are 12, Chocolate is 17 and Sour Creme is 21. Yet a Lite Kettle PopCorn is 27, so potentially an even better choice than the rice cakes.

Considering the higher the better, there are lots of things more nutritional than the items I discussed here.

Play the “Nutrition By the Numbers” game at the NuVal site to see how well you can do.

While I think the shelf notifications of the NuVal scores at Raley’s is awesome, I do wish they would put the NuVal scores on the receipt as well as your “average” for that purchase and long term (linked to the Raley’s Something Extra card.)

Notice: Raley’s did provide me with some free items to try as part of their “Try It” program.

Infix PDF Editor

I had a potential client that needed to update some marketing documents but they lost the originals that they used to create some PDF files. While thinking about this, I remember that I have some search/replace type programs that are designed to brand PDF files. They wouldn’t do the required job, but made me think that someone has to have a PDF editor.

I searched around and found a few. Most of them were either really expensive or really limited. I ended up coming across Infix PDF Editor from Iceni Technology which had a trial edition so I could see if it would do what I wanted before buying it.

It was easy to use and did exactly what I wanted. A fully licensed copy is only $99. (They also have a Pro version for $199 and a free form fill edition.) Considering that I quoted $147 to do the edits, it is a great deal.

It allowed me to move around the document editing the text freely.  It probably does a lot more, but it more than did what I wanted for a low cost.

A couple cool features beyond what I needed was filling forms on PDFs that were not form filled enabled, and linking/unlinking URLs on the PDF.

Check it out at as I could go on and on about all the features.

Nuclear Diner

As I am in the grocery store way too often picking up things to eat, I do wander down the frozen food aisle.

Some of the things I pick up are pretty good and others are not so hot.

But when I was nuking (aka microwaving) my breakfast biscuit the other day I had an idea.

The Nuclear Diner

You see all of these places talking about not having microwaves or freezers, so why NOT have microwaves and freezers.

Serve frozen food in a nice relaxed diner type setting (think Johnny Rockets) with disposable silverware, paper napkins, cans of soft drinks…. you know.. just good home-cooking like you do =)

What are some of your suggestions?

Currently some of mine are CPK Pizza, TGIFriday’s Dinners, Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast Bowls, Biscuits and Muffins, along with cans of Coke and Pepsi products. Also some off the shelf juices.

Would probably need some ramen to give the nice feel of eating in College again, huh?

Amazon Borders

Today, as I write this post, is the first day of the Borders going out of business sale.

I have ideas that pop into my head.. and well, this is one of them.

IDEA: Amazon buys Borders.. all of it.  Then replaces top management with those people from Amazon’s management to run the place and let them run rather independently.  Yup. Finance your “competition,” let these people show off their skills.

Now, take the real heroes of Borders, the sellers themselves, and let them work stocking the store, and have them write reviews and create an awesome “social” network that knowledge of 10,000 workers, many who were in direct touch with their customers. As Amazon is awesome with e-commerce and what they do, and Zappos is known for their customer service, get the third part with face-to-face customer interaction.

Clean Canvas

Restarting my site with a clean “canvas.” A site where I can house my content, such as blog posts, podcasts, videos and more.

I came to the conclusion recently (after reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush It”) that I have lots of ideas that are never going to get off the ground. That I am looking at literally dozens if not hundreds of ideas that will take me in many different directions, so I tried to focus on what I like, well, love to do, and it isn’t the next greatest website project or company.  It is helping others. This site, at this point, will be to share my ideas, my concepts, my feedback about various topics. I have lot of ideas, but not the resources to make them reality.

Some of you will see something that fits into YOUR niche and run with it.  Please DO just that.

Would I like some credit? Sure. Would I like some money? Well, that would help. Got an extra Scion xB you would like to give me? That would be awesome.

Also, while you are “paying it back” consider “paying it forward” and helping someone else along the way.