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JitBit AutoText

I have been using JitBit AutoText for about a week now and feel like I can’t live without it.

I have used other text expanders on my Windows machine such as ActiveWords which each have their pros and cons however I have found that AutoText is perfect for what I need. Basic text expanding without over-complicating things.  If you need a full mouse and keyboard macros, JitBit has that covered too with JitBit Macro Recorder, which was more than what I needed, however, it can be good for lots of things.

I have placed things I use often from basic sentences to full on paragraphs full of stuff into AutoText and found it works great!

AutoText works just about wherever you can provide keyboard input. Just type the keyword and it will output the text. For example, “fyi” becomes “For your information” and it will make a slight sound letting you know it has output text. The sound can be turned off.

I wish the input editor was a bit better, such as being able to resize the entry window, however, I have found it to work for my needs.

I have it working with many different software programs, such as browsers, email, text editors, programming environments, social media, messengers, and much more. It is fast and easy to setup and get running.

If you type on a Windows computer, you NEED JitBit AutoText.  Check it out as there is a download and more info on their site.

They also have a pretty cool JitBit HelpDesk software too.



SPAM® versus spam

While SPAM® is a canned meat product by Hormel, spam is Unsolicted Commerical Email.

Yes, there is a difference.  The trademarked meat product is all uppercase, while the UCE is all lower case.

For more about this, read SPAM® Brand and the Internet.

Now that I got that out of the way….

I just received my first spammer registration here today and it got me thinking about all of the tools I have used on my forum sites before and why wasn’t there something like those that I could use here.  With a little bit of searching I did find one that does just that. It does check against numerous spammer databases and also reports spammers.

I am not going to post what exact tools I use here, but just say that they are all available via the WordPress Plug-In repository.

So, if you are a apammer, please move along.

If you are Hormel, feel free to send me some SPAM swag. =)


Remember The Milk

Been busy with all sorts of things and since I haven’t completely set up this site yet, I don’t have the things in place to constantly post here.

I use Remember The Milk (aka RTMilk or RTM) to keep track of the things I need to do and it really helps.  RTM allows you to set up reminder lists that are easy to use and yet powerful enough to do more than just a checklist.

It is a free service with some additional PRO features available.  The freemium model works really well with this as you can setup a group of people if you need to at no charge and pretty much do everything you need to do. The main PRO features are to allow you to use mobile devices (Android, Blackberry, iOS including iPad, Windows Mobile and Outlook integration.)

However, besides that you have full accessiblity via the web, email, Gmail, twitter, and even via an API for those that like to roll their own stuff.

Someone once joked that I was “Milking The Cow” when I was going through my lists.

Sign up for your own free account at

Check out the Tips and Tricks section for a bunch of ideas of what you can do with RTM.

I do have a PRO account that was given to me by RTM for a submission I made to their Tips and Tricks area. They have been giving them away every Tuesday as well as publishing the winning submission. All of the submissions are public in the Tips and Tricks area of the forum. I have previously paid for a PRO account and I have not received any compensation for this post nor for the register link above. I just really like the service and hope you do to.

Sorry! We are Open

Yup, officially open as of now.

The site isn’t “ready” and things will change as it moves forward but instead of waiting until perfection, it is time to open up.

More will be coming, as well as other features to get you to come back and visit as well as interact with me and others here.

If you think your comment that you submit is the wittiest thing ever, then by all means, make a copy of it, as things will be changing around here as I get the place set the way I would like it.

So… Welcome to my site and my ideas.

Note: I am aware that the “mobile” site experience is not optimum, and will be tweaking it to provide a better interaction with the site.  Other comments, questions, suggestions and general feedback is welcomed.

Spotify vs. Grooveshark vs. ?

I have been using Spotify for a few days at the FREE level. I have been a Grooveshark subscriber for over  a year.

There is a somewhat incomplete ‘infographic‘ at Mashable that gives a decent overview of these two services as well as some other currently offerings (although some information is a bit mis-leading, as Grooveshark does have an Android client.)

In a nutshell, I generally prefer Grooveshark. Neither of these two services get it completely right, but the advantage of being able to share a song with ANYONE, not just other subscribers, gives the nod for me towards Grooveshark.

Want to link to Oingo Boingo’s Batchlor Party  from the Tom Hanks’ movie of the same namel tour?

For Grooveshark, you can easily share it from within the Grooveshark client multiple ways, or heck, if you are not a Grooveshark member, just head over to Tinysong and grab a link to share with your friends.

Here is the Grooveshark/TinySong link

Here is the Spotify link:

Grooveshark also offers a widget to share a particular song or a play list.

Both services allow sharing with many social networks (although at the time of this post, neither supported G+ directly.)

The biggest difference between Grooveshark and Spotify is that Spotify’s tracks seem to be provided by the record labels while Grooveshark’s are provided by the end users.  There is pros and cons to Grooveshark’s approach. One pro is that a lot of small distributions or live recordings have been posted. The cons is that a lot of things are duplicates, poor quality or mislabeled. Fortunately you can flag those recordings.

Personally, it is a bit of a toss-up depending on your style. Try both free levels (once Spotify opens up) and see what you like. You got nothing to lose.

Oh and what is the question mark?  Well, everyone is kinda wondering what Apple is going to do.

Disclaimer: Coca-Cola ‘sponsored’ my invite into Spotify. Grooveshark provided me with a year of their Grooveshark Anywhere plan. Neither company was directly involved with this post of my opinion. YMMV.

Update: I have been using Spotify for a bit and there are somethings that I wish were changed. As of this update, I am using version

First, clicking on a banner that has a link to an artist starts playing that artist or song immediately. It doesn’t queue it up or go to an information page.  This is rather annoying and keeps me from wanting to click on any banner.

Second, the banners for suggestions are rather off. I don’t need to get blasted with Country music while listening to some other genre.  I know Spotify wants me to upgrade to get rid of ads but this is more likely to get me to go use another service instead.

Third, the “what’s new” New Releases album section is lame. Click more and you often get mostly the same album covers shuffled around. Set some order and well, once I see them all, stop or cycle  the list. Don’t just move them around randomly.

I would have expected most of these types of issues to have been fixed since Spotify was launched in Europe awhile ago.