Clean Canvas

Restarting my site with a clean “canvas.” A site where I can house my content, such as blog posts, podcasts, videos and more.

I came to the conclusion recently (after reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush It”) that I have lots of ideas that are never going to get off the ground. That I am looking at literally dozens if not hundreds of ideas that will take me in many different directions, so I tried to focus on what I like, well, love to do, and it isn’t the next greatest website project or company.  It is helping others. This site, at this point, will be to share my ideas, my concepts, my feedback about various topics. I have lot of ideas, but not the resources to make them reality.

Some of you will see something that fits into YOUR niche and run with it.  Please DO just that.

Would I like some credit? Sure. Would I like some money? Well, that would help. Got an extra Scion xB you would like to give me? That would be awesome.

Also, while you are “paying it back” consider “paying it forward” and helping someone else along the way.

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