Infix PDF Editor

I had a potential client that needed to update some marketing documents but they lost the originals that they used to create some PDF files. While thinking about this, I remember that I have some search/replace type programs that are designed to brand PDF files. They wouldn’t do the required job, but made me think that someone has to have a PDF editor.

I searched around and found a few. Most of them were either really expensive or really limited. I ended up coming across Infix PDF Editor from Iceni Technology which had a trial edition so I could see if it would do what I wanted before buying it.

It was easy to use and did exactly what I wanted. A fully licensed copy is only $99. (They also have a Pro version for $199 and a free form fill edition.) Considering that I quoted $147 to do the edits, it is a great deal.

It allowed me to move around the document editing the text freely.  It probably does a lot more, but it more than did what I wanted for a low cost.

A couple cool features beyond what I needed was filling forms on PDFs that were not form filled enabled, and linking/unlinking URLs on the PDF.

Check it out at as I could go on and on about all the features.

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