JitBit AutoText

I have been using JitBit AutoText for about a week now and feel like I can’t live without it.

I have used other text expanders on my Windows machine such as ActiveWords which each have their pros and cons however I have found that AutoText is perfect for what I need. Basic text expanding without over-complicating things.  If you need a full mouse and keyboard macros, JitBit has that covered too with JitBit Macro Recorder, which was more than what I needed, however, it can be good for lots of things.

I have placed things I use often from basic sentences to full on paragraphs full of stuff into AutoText and found it works great!

AutoText works just about wherever you can provide keyboard input. Just type the keyword and it will output the text. For example, “fyi” becomes “For your information” and it will make a slight sound letting you know it has output text. The sound can be turned off.

I wish the input editor was a bit better, such as being able to resize the entry window, however, I have found it to work for my needs.

I have it working with many different software programs, such as browsers, email, text editors, programming environments, social media, messengers, and much more. It is fast and easy to setup and get running.

If you type on a Windows computer, you NEED JitBit AutoText.  Check it out as there is a download and more info on their site.

They also have a pretty cool JitBit HelpDesk software too.



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