Nuclear Diner

As I am in the grocery store way too often picking up things to eat, I do wander down the frozen food aisle.

Some of the things I pick up are pretty good and others are not so hot.

But when I was nuking (aka microwaving) my breakfast biscuit the other day I had an idea.

The Nuclear Diner

You see all of these places talking about not having microwaves or freezers, so why NOT have microwaves and freezers.

Serve frozen food in a nice relaxed diner type setting (think Johnny Rockets) with disposable silverware, paper napkins, cans of soft drinks…. you know.. just good home-cooking like you do =)

What are some of your suggestions?

Currently some of mine are CPK Pizza, TGIFriday’s Dinners, Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast Bowls, Biscuits and Muffins, along with cans of Coke and Pepsi products. Also some off the shelf juices.

Would probably need some ramen to give the nice feel of eating in College again, huh?

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