Gerry Humphrey

Skype Hidden Emoticons

Skype has a bunch of “hidden” emoticons.  I will try to list as many as possible, and if you know of any that are not on this list, please let me know.  These are from the Windows 5.5+ and Android versions of Skype and some might or might not work on other versions.  For those items listed with multiple names on a single line, those are alternate ways to get the same emoticon. This list of emoticons are just the ones that do not show up on the smiley menu in Skype. Just type them in the chat window (making sure that there is either a space or another emoticon after them) and they will appear after you send.

(e) (mail) (m)
(finger) Giving you the finger aka flipping you the finger
(flag:US) Flags: replace US with 2 letter country code
(headbang) (banghead)
(movie) (film) (~)
(phone) (mp) (ph)
(skype) (ss)
(smoking) (smoke) (ci)
(time) (O) (o)
(wfh) Work From Home
(wtf) What The F***?